Awards Programs

Stratford IGIP has three awards programs for the Guides, Princesses and their Big Braves to complete. Each award program is intended to fathers and sons and fathers and daughters to spend quality time together.

Stratford IGIP Guides Feathers Award Program

Stratford IGIP Princess Thunderbird Award Program

Stratford IGIP Princess Housatonic Award Program

(Princesses must complete the Thunderbird Award Program before starting the Housatonic Award Program.)

Completion of an award program, and the issuing of feathers, necklaces, and patches must be verified by the Guide's or Princess' Tribal Chief and at the members of the Executive Longhouse committee.

All submissions for awards must be submitted by the Tribal Chief to the Longhouse by the June Longhouse meeting. No last minute submissions for awards distribution at the annual closing ceremonies will be accepted at the year end camping (i.e.: Camp Hi-Rock).