Rainy Day
  Woodstock Camping Weekend
  Activity Fee Adjustment - $50/family 

We had a misunderstanding with Woodstock YMCA and we only charged our members for the weekend cabin fees. This did not include the $50/family fee for the various activities including beach front, canoes, kayaks, archery, BB guns, low ropes, rock climbing, fire wood, etc.  We have agreed with the YMCA to honor this payment. Sorry for any inconvenience but we are asking each family that attended to please pay the adjustment fee. This was an honest mistake as our volunteer organizers are trying their best while juggling everything that life dishes out. Thank you for your understanding and sincere apologies. IGIP Store

  It was a very successful weekend with beautiful weather.  We hope everyone has an enjoyable time with your children.  Any questions/issues, please feel free to contact us.