Registration for the 2020-2021

 During these unprecedented and uncertain times, the IGIP program is trying to remain flexible and is offering substantial discounted pricing for the upcoming 2020-2021 season. The discounted fee allows us to cover our basic expenses. We will still plan for a wide-range of programs for the upcoming season. In lieu of having a fund-raiser (ie. candy sale, Burger King night), we are asking for an 'optional' fund raiser fee. Thank you for your support.  To register, please visit our online store 2020-2021 Registration.

 Stratford IGIP is a 80 year old program providing fathers and their children with an invaluable bonding experience that they will cherish forever. Through many fun and challenging activities, fathers and father figures - with their children - will grow together socially, emotionally and intellectually. Honesty, compassion, respect, and friendship are the qualities that the IGIP instills in each member. Fathers and their children will be part of an exciting journey as they bond and watch each other grow in this unique program. Our program ensures that dads, their kids, and their families will enjoy a meaningful experience that is sure to last a lifetime. Some of our typical activities include Children’s Cabaret Theater, Penny Fair, Museums, Science Centers, Aquarium, Battleship, Rock Climb, Father's Night Out, Camping, Memorial Day Parade, Swim Parties, and Bonfires.